Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gambling is the question. What is the answer???

Hey there wizards!

Well I'm talking to you about the new hoard pack that KI has gave use to try and get some new stuff. This new stuff includes a new mount and gear.

Now for the big thing. On twitter, there is a lt of talk saying it is gambling. In a sence it is but in another way it's not. A gamble is where you take a chance on something where you may or may not win anything. This type is in not only games but all of life. So lets say I can could into this area full of stores to get my w101 gift card or cross the street to a store that always has it but have to cross massive traffic to get there. Thats a gamble. You may pick the wrong one and end up getting hurt.

Now, Gambling (ie. Going to a casino) is where you decide to continue to take a chances. Going and spending your money over and over just to try to win. You may or may not win but you will hurt yourself in the long run. It's really easy to that both are very much the same but it's harder to see the difference between them.

The differences are that a gamble are more then likely stuff that will happen as soon as you make your pick. Gambling is something that will have a great impact on your life unless you know when to hold them and when to fold them(yes, I used a gambling term lol).

Just make sure that you know what all the problems that may occure before doing something.

So them new card packs may seem awesome, but make sure you can buy them and don't waste your money trying to get all the stuff.

So, as for that, it is up to you.

Well, Have A Fun And Safe Trip Throughout The Spiral Wizards!


Friday, October 7, 2011

New updates from the Disturbed Sorcerer....and that blasted rogue....

 Hey there Wizards!

This is the disturbed sorcerer giving you some incite on whats going to happen when Rogue and I get back into the gaming sphere.

We will be scratching out the podcasts (both w101 based. one being info and other being like a mature RR style). We will going on to "MAKE" our own site. The site will be outfitted with the podcasts we had originally had planned. It will also feature a "Ask a Question" page for you all as well as a few other tasty tid-bits for ya.

The site will have its own area for Wizard101 and the other online game I play League of Legends. I will be doing some stuff on gaming from Ps3 back to the atari. Yeah I know, Old school FTW!

I hope you all enjoyed this post as we will be doing a lot more in the time to come. We will be doing coding and all that to get it to what we like and then update it all. We are going to use a similar java type page like our buddies from W101 Pets if they have no problem with it. 

Have a very disturbed day and spread the sickness to all around the spiral! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.....HEY ITS MINE TUA:FSAJHFS...

Thanks for hanging in there with me folks. Yes its Rogue!
 Don't Forget to like my facebook page to the right of the post here. Tell your friends about it as well!

Have A Fun And Safe Trip Throughout The Spiral Wizards!

Monday, September 26, 2011

So the darkness never ends......

Hey Wizards,
Thats right, the rogue is somewhat back again.

Well today I wanted to tell you all that I've gotten some cool things ready for my return. I have one podcast ready and the other is being worked on as I speak.

I hope You all will like the stuff once i'm 100% back.

Cya Wizards!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Welcome Back Post

Hey Wizards! Yes its me once again. Just letting you know that I am back in the spiral and so far having a great time seeing all the new stuff I can get to. I didn't plan on coming back so soon. It that light, most of my updates like blog will be going on as I go. Podcasts are not yet finished being put together so not anytime soon will you be hearing them. I will be updating my copyrights asap so keep a look on the bottom of my blog to see what is going on. Well until later wizards, CYA!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Updates and New things

Hey wizards. Sorry about the regular text but need to make this brief. Just wanted to let you all know that once I fully return to the spiral I will be making some changes to my blog. I also will be preping two podcasts that I hope everyone will like. I have also updated my copyrights on the bottom of the blog. Please make sure to read them. I want to put more in there but not going so well. lol. Well until I return< have a fun and safe trip throughout the spiral! Cya Later wizards!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Long awaited Vlog

Short text with long Vlog!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WOOT New Contest!

Well as the title says, New contest!

Unlike what I did before with the hide and seek, as well as find my favorite place in the spiral, this one is a Creative Writing contest! This one is major rule bound and you can only enter once!

For Full rules and on how to win, please click on the contest tab to find out. And remember this wizards, FOLLOW THE RULES SO YOU CAN WIN.

New Contest

New contest starting on Thursday!

Stay tuned!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Disturbed Vlog

Well wizards, the Disturbed Sorcerer wanted to make a vlog for you all and I let him do one! He is a pain in my side all the darn time!

Well anyways, here is the Video he did. I hope you all enjoy!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Contest fun and Just some other stuff

Edited: HINT is on contest page

First and for most, Luke StormBringer
that little joke you played was a bit funny but the over haul on that little joke you played has disrespected not only me but also the players that emailed me and that I had to email back to tell them that it was a fake. I truly hope that you are sorry and that you will never do that again!

Next things next!

Well so far I have gotten only 2 emails that were right with the main contest that I'm doing. There has been a total of 4 all together and only 2 were picked so far. Just to help clarify, You must a take a picture of my favorite place in the spiral. That could be any world BUT you must take a picture of your wizard in the correct area. I will leave a clue to where it is at the end of this post.

Ok, now for the winner of the last contest.

The hide and seek contest was fun and took 20 minutes before a group of people found me. Out of like 3 people, the first was Sloan ShadowStaff! I will post a picture of me and him when I can. Sloan had won a code (provided by Valerian NightBringer from Valerian's school for wayward wizards) for a ShardTail dragon. Congratulations to you Sloan!

I hope you all enjoy the contest and I will see you all later.

Have a fun and safe trip throughout the spiral!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hey Wizards!

Sorry for not posting in a few days. Been very busy.
I will have a post on monday! Remember, My main contest ends THIS Wednesday at 11:59pm cst.

Have A Fun And Safe Trip Throughout The Spiral!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Official Contest Post

Please click the CONTEST button for more details!

Have A Fun And Safe Trip Throughout The Spiral

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mount Week!

Hey Wizards!

Well as the title says, Mount Week has started. To find who is giving away mounts, take a look on Wizard101's contest link.

Just to help a bit, Fallon ShadowBlade from Diary of a Wizard has started her's. If you want to enter her contest, please just Click Here to goto the page. Read the rules and when you are ready to enter, click on ENTER TO WIN to start.

Have A Fun And Safe Trip Throughout The Spiral!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Vlog#3 Uber Hydra

Hey wizards! Here is my video I did of my UBER hydra. The Attack damage was very high. I used: Blade storm, Balance Blade**, Dragon Blade, Elemental Blade, hex**, Feint*, Ice trap*, Ice Blade*, Storm trap*, Storm blade*, Fire trap*, Fire Blade*, and Elemental trap**. To see what the * and ** means, take a look at the end of the post.

Now for the total. The Total of the attack from JUST the fire head was:

9,003 Damage

What would have been the full total is: (checking on calculator on my Samsung Seek from Boost Mobile)

27,009 Damage

Well here is the video!

Hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Have A Fun And Safe Trip Throughout The Spiral!

* means treasure card. ** means both Treasure card and regular spell.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Very Friendly Vlog

Hey Wizards

This Vlog is a little update for we already know and a quick tour of my site. I hope you all enjoy as I will post more stuff.

Have a fun and safe trip throughout the sprial


Friday, March 18, 2011

First Vlog as a DOT COM!

Hey wizards!

Well here is my video blog and first post as a Dot Com site. I hope you all enjoy and I hope the little lags didn't bother the video to much.

Have A Fun And Safe Trip Throughout The Spiral!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Video for helping Friendly!

Hey Wizards!

This a video I made to kinda help friendly! I did this on the fly so its not so good. So please have fun and let me know what you think. I will be making more videos for my blog soon.

Have A Fun And Safe Trip Throughout The Spiral!

Cya Later Wizards!

Monday, February 28, 2011


Hey Wizards!

Its been a little while since my last post but I'm 90% back in game. I mean that I'm back in-game but without a sub.

Here is a picture of my Life Alt Alexander GoldenShield.

My next post will more next time.

Have A Fun And Safe Trip Throughout The Spiral!


Click to Enlarge

Monday, February 21, 2011

Popping in to say HI!!

Hey Wizards!

Sorry for the fact that I haven't been in-game or posting on here or twitter. The fact is that I have been a little late on my payments for the internet.

I do intend to be up and (well) typing and clicking again sometime early March.

In the mean time, I have been at the library (when I can) keeping myself updated as much as possible.

When I do get back, I will be massively trying to catch up with everything that has been going on. Please comment on here on what has gone on in the Wizard 101 world or you can email me at: RogueSorcerer at yahoo dot com. Sorry but I don't need my email full of spam. lol

Well until the next time, Have a fun and safe trip throughout the Spiral wizards!

P.S. Let Stephen SpiritCaller know that I would love to join him on Ravenwood Radio when I get back on if he still alone. THANKS!!!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18+ Open Chat Vid

Here is a vid I made. Check it out!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Layout for now!

Well as the title says, this will be my new layout for now as of the poll that was taken. 

I will be making more changes to it as time goes by and even maybe making my own web page(not getting rid of .blogspot.com and still be hosted on blogger type of deal).
Well Until later wizards.

Have a fun and safe trip throughout the spiral!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hey Wizards!
Well as my last post said, I've been working so far on my Ice Alt named Ronan Spirit! So far, he is now in MarleyBone and is getting ready to get into Hyde Park! Here are some pictures of him in Krokotopia with the Order of the Fang and one of him fighting the Key Master! "Are you the gate keeper?" Sorry couldn't help myself with a little sci-fi humor! 

Anyways, Until later, Cya wizards!

P.s. I'm right now at work and this is being posted! When I'm at work, I'm not at a desk or anything. Kinda hard to type when you have your arms up to your elbows in soap water, filled with chicken fat and other meat department kind of things! That is pretty cool, huh? It was saved by blogger and the server posted this at the time I picked it to be!
Hey wizards!

Sorry about the bland post! Been leveling my Ice Alt most of this week so far! Other then that, there is not much to talk about!

Me and Arlen DawnEyes did 2 runs on Katz lab before I went to bed! Then we did a massive damage on a potbelly monster! The Damage came out to be 377,335! Thats allot but I have seen more damage with a wand strike before the Celestia update! Here is the picture! Cya later wizards!

So Many Blades and Traps!

Hey Wizards!
Well here are the results from the poll I made, to see what about my blog that I change. Below is a tabled list of what won!

Change Name 0 Votes
Change Blog Layout 6 Votes
Change Everything 3 Votes
Stay The Same 2 Votes

Well there you have it! I will be changing the layout of my blog for this new year. As you can see, I have some new buttons on top, as well as a click-able banner to Child's Play web site! I will be adding and taking away more stuff as time progresses.
Well till later wizards.

Have a Fun And Safe Trip Throughout The Spiral

P.S. The Button on the bottom that says COOL TEXT is a button that is linked to cooltext.com. A site where you can make buttons and somewhat of basic banners.