Monday, April 11, 2011

Contest fun and Just some other stuff

Edited: HINT is on contest page

First and for most, Luke StormBringer
that little joke you played was a bit funny but the over haul on that little joke you played has disrespected not only me but also the players that emailed me and that I had to email back to tell them that it was a fake. I truly hope that you are sorry and that you will never do that again!

Next things next!

Well so far I have gotten only 2 emails that were right with the main contest that I'm doing. There has been a total of 4 all together and only 2 were picked so far. Just to help clarify, You must a take a picture of my favorite place in the spiral. That could be any world BUT you must take a picture of your wizard in the correct area. I will leave a clue to where it is at the end of this post.

Ok, now for the winner of the last contest.

The hide and seek contest was fun and took 20 minutes before a group of people found me. Out of like 3 people, the first was Sloan ShadowStaff! I will post a picture of me and him when I can. Sloan had won a code (provided by Valerian NightBringer from Valerian's school for wayward wizards) for a ShardTail dragon. Congratulations to you Sloan!

I hope you all enjoy the contest and I will see you all later.

Have a fun and safe trip throughout the spiral!

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    We use plurk, so we can manage comments to our plurks/tweets so much easier, as they are all found in one place. Unfortunately, we have a hard time keeping up with what others are saying on twitter, since twitter doesn't write to plurk, only plurk writes to twitter.

    Wow, if I had been actually speaking that, I would be out of breath. Just reading it makes me winded, haha.


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