Monday, May 31, 2010

Wizard and Music of the month!

Wizard of the Month

Music Artist of The Month

Thats right wizards. Starting tomorrow, June 1st, Wizard and Music Artist of the month will start being on my blog. There going to be two sepret posts. I will have a music player on my blog for artist of the month and both will have a page for both.

Summer Student Teacher Elections Results

Here is who has won the Student Teacher Elections. I DEMAND A RECOUNT!!! lol
Congrats To All The Winners And Other Wizards Who Have Entered!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hey wizard. Guess what today is? It is Robert DragonHeart's First Wizaversary! Yes my wiz is now ONE YEAR OLD!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Blog Stuff! and more.

 Hey wizards! I have a few new things coming to this blog. First, the adds you see on my blog is just temporary and will be gone by the 1st of may. Second, Starting On may 1st I will be doing two monthly segments. The are Music Artist of the month (all my fav bands) and wizard of the month! I'll be posting videos and music to my blog here during the month. The first wizard of the month will not be much of a surprise. Wizard of the month will have a small bio of the player that everyone should know (ex: wizard name, blog, etc). Music Artist of the month will be a band or person. This will also have a small bio about the artist/s and the site link.

I also found this great link to Able Gamers. This is a video tour during when the mounts were not even out yet. Plus, if you watch closely you will see a nibbler pet. They must have been working on the pet pavilion for quite some time.

Well wizards, until next time, Have a Safe and Fun trip Throughout the Spiral!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Grand Master and Test Realm!

 Hey Wizards. Well Just a few days ago I made the Level of 50 which makes me a Grand Master Sorcerer. I got to this point after I finished the quest to turn in 3 spinnerets from some spiders in the crystal grove.

Here are some pictures from the test realm that was kinda making everyone go crazy. Teacher of Myth Cyrus Drake was in the test realm in the pet area. Not only that but.... He is a level 7 Ice student? I think Cyrus is up to something if he can trick the headmaster that he is a higher level. Until later wizards!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hey wizards. Well Edward, The Pet Master, is having a pet give-a-way contest. You can take a look at what he his doing AND try entering his contest. Here is his flyer down below. Have Fun Wizards!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Other Picture

Here is the other part of Gobbler Busters that I couldn't add in because of the soft-were I was using would freeze up on me. I have been thinking on who to put in the picture. Friendly, Cassandra, and Fallon were already  top three. The thing was who was I going to have as the forth person. It was ether Edward The Pet Master or Valerian NightBringer. Then I had a thought. Me and Edward do nothing but goof off when were doing things that I thought who is the goof of the Ghost Busters? Easy and that was slimer. In the cartoons slimer was always goofing off. So that's how this picture came to be. The Name was Edward and I's result of goofing around.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Funny Pictures!

Hey wizards. Here are some pictures that I made during my trip with Edward The Pet Master during his trip to beat Big Ben!

Here is a New pet. The Myth Window Licker pet. No stats. Just for show.

Here is The Gobbler Busters. Thomas LionBlood (Friendly), Cassandra LifeCaster, Fallon ShadowBlade, and Valerian NightBringer. Sorry Edward but I was going to Put you in this one but as slimer. Problem was that that my soft-were would freeze. Sorry.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

DIng level 48!!!!

Hello and yes wizards I have gotten to level 48. During my quest, My buddy Luis helped me up until the shrines till he had to go. Then my friend Malorn from Sorcerer of the Spiral came along and helped me up too the piggy that comes before plague oni. During my fight with plague oni, Sophia Drake popped in and helped me finish plague oni. Not soon after I got my final two quests to finish my quest.

I think that Alzahred got pretty tired waiting for me to finish my quest to defeat Plague oni. As you can see from the picture.

Well until next time wizards.

Monday, May 3, 2010

farming jade oni

Hey there everyone. Yesterday I was farming Jade oni and while I was farming,The Pet Master, Edward, came a joined me. We defeated the jade oni A LOT! Yet both of us did NOT get our pet from him.

During our time, another friend of mine named Luis came and helped. We then did a Super Judgement with more then 9,000+ damage. It was fun.

Well Until next time wizards, Have A Safe And Fun Trip Throughout The Spiral!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ding 47

Hey everyone. I finally got on the test realm and reached level 47. I was working on the vaults in the plaza of conquests. After I when back in time and came back, then defeated that death wizard I finished the quest then leveled up.

I then Got to miss drake and saved her. Now I'm trying to become a DragonSpyre student. So far that is all. Don't forget to vote for me as Balance Student Teacher for our summer term. Till next time, Have fun and safe trip throughout the spiral.