Monday, May 10, 2010

Funny Pictures!

Hey wizards. Here are some pictures that I made during my trip with Edward The Pet Master during his trip to beat Big Ben!

Here is a New pet. The Myth Window Licker pet. No stats. Just for show.

Here is The Gobbler Busters. Thomas LionBlood (Friendly), Cassandra LifeCaster, Fallon ShadowBlade, and Valerian NightBringer. Sorry Edward but I was going to Put you in this one but as slimer. Problem was that that my soft-were would freeze. Sorry.


  1. Awesomeness! This post has been featured on FB & ConnectX! Your creativeness is amazing! Great work Robert. Hopefully this terrific team of friendly fighters will rid the streets of gobblers! I may even have a few to giveaway ;)

    Happy Tuesday!!

  2. I will let it go, THIS TIME :D.

    Nice Job Btw!!!!

  3. Woot I am a Gobbler Buster :D Who ya gonna call GOBBLER BUSTERS! :D It will catch on in a few days


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