Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Growing up Rogue!

Baby Rogue!!! Yes, my baby boy. His name is Aric James ****.
Last is secret!!! lolz

Looks like he is hocking loogies or blowing bubbles!!

Hard Times at Rogue High!!! lol

Hey there wizards! Long time no blog.

As the title says, I have been going through some hard times which no one should go through but some, more then people think, people do go through what I am going through right now and have been for a lot longer then I have.

In short, I have been going through some......"Financial" trouble for to long.

Now, for the upside!!!

In my post from twitter, I've been thinking on where Rogue Sorcerer should go. Should I continue on this same path or do like some others have, and Change it up some or all. I will be placing a poll up on my blog. Once I also finally return fully to the world called the Internet, I will be working on my site, maybe a second.

Until later, I hope to join you some time soon friends and see the new stuff since my last official time in the spiral.

Have A Fun And Safe Trip Throughout The Spiral!