Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How to get on the Wizard101 Blog Roll! (Blogspot way)

 Hey wizards! Some of you might know that some wizards blogs are on the Wizard101 Fansite page. Well have no fear! I have a way to help you Join the ranks

 First, you MUST NOT be a free host blog. So like if your blog ends in then that means that, your blog is being free hosted by a site. That is easy to fix. It might be harder for younger wizards to do but they can work harder for a little extra cash.

 Now lets say you have a credit card/Debit card from your bank. Just find a hosting site, like blogspot, that is able to let you have your own domain name(ex. Blogspot offers you a deal of $10 for a year for your own domain name. Now lets get started!

  Just clicky-clicky on your settings button then clicky-clicky on the button that says publishing. Now that will take you to the page that allows you to change you blog address(Ex. Now all you do is click on the button that says Custom Domain. From there just put in your desired address and other stuff.

 Then after your done, send a email to Wizard101 that you want to join there fan site page. Just remember that there are rules. 1-You must post wizard101 content no less then once a week. 2- You must keep your blog G-PG rated. so no bad words or other content of the sort.

Now there are other hosting sites out there. Just keep to what I said and you should be fine. Have Fun!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well today i was on for a bit. I got my GrandMaster boots today! Thank You, Thank You! Also, while trying to get the Storm man i got a Picture of me with 3 others. One of them people might know as Bailey SkyStaff or UBER WIFE(as friendly calls her). It was a fun day today. Well I'm out for the night. Picture down below!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Music Artist and Wizard of the month is NOW!

Hey wizards. Today is the day that my pages of Music Artist and Wizard of the month starts. Take a look by "Clicky-Clicky" one of the page tabs under my Header. Wizard of the month was hard to pick. Music Artist wasn't hard at all. I will have music for the blog coming on soon. It will be a few, but great songs.