Thursday, April 22, 2010

RavenWood Radio Episode 14 after Party

Heya wizards. Well last night was a blast. Ravenwood radio was so fun last night. The after party was fun as well. Met some new friends as well as running into some old ones.

Here is a picture with Fallon MoonGem and Fallon ShadowBlade. They had no clue this picture was taken.

This is me and the one and only Christina IceDreamer also know as ICYWIZ. She is very COOL!

This one is with Leesha DarkHeart's BALANCE alt. Yes, she has finally joined the dark side.

This one I made after hearing something about power pops. They were talking about it like it was ceral.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Student Teacher Election

This summer I will be running for balance student teacher. I hope I will picked. If I am picked I will help FARM AND HELP QUEST A LOT MORE! Not only that but I plan on having a meet and greet with some contests planned. So I hope to be picked and cast my votes for the other teachers starting May 1st.

Here is the link for The Summer Student Teacher Elections.

Have a Fun and Safe trip throughout the spiral

Saturday, April 17, 2010


This will be my first contest. Its a small one so no prizes yet. It will be a look of three parts(Hat, Robes, and Boots).

Here is a picture I made showing 4 of my outfits. Current is the one that i'm using now.

Send me a picture of what I should look like at this link. So have a fun and safe trip around the spiral.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back and Ready To go!!

Hey there everyone I'm back after almost a month absents from Wizard101 and all other online life. Well During my free time i made some cool collages for you to check out.

Here are two pictures i made thats going to a video i'm making for wizard101. The first one is of four friends i met and the other one is of course of teachers.

This one I had made first. Some of things I've earned and friends that i met.

This one is just my pick of the schools in my favorite order.

This is a picture I found of Stephen, Leesha (RavenWood Radio Hosts), and I during the Smash and Bash held by Diary Of A Wizard.

I'll be post more soon. Good luck and have a fun and safe trip Around The Spiral.