Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fun today!

Hey Wizards!

Today I had so much fun! I went on a trip to GrizzleHeim to collect one of my books I forgot and ended up with a party to defeat Jotun! 
After the battle party, one of my friends (Erin or know as Panglou on twitter and in the Ravenwood Radio Chat room) from the battle and Christo Skywalker  joined me at my fantasy palace for a little bit of flying lessons!

 Not only that but, I also made twibbon on twitter!  Click here to have it on your twitter picture!

Well thats all for now! Cya later wizards!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Help in Crusty Crab Empire!

Hey there wizards!
Just had a fight with a double boss battle in the Crusty Crab Empire and won with the help of Heather Raven from The Wandering Conjurer!

Heather Raven and I fighting a double boss battle!

Well till later wizards! Have fun!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Legendary Sorcerer

Hey Wizards!
Well as the title says, I'm now a Legendary Sorcerer! While in the Crusty Crab Empire, I finished a large exp. quest that finally leveled me to the level cap!


Now here is a picture I took when my Ra spell went critical, when I was attacking these cute  little monsters in the crusty crab empire!
 Remember to vote on what about I change for my blog! Look for it on the top right-hand side!
Well till later wizards! Cya!

Just a fun post!

Hey Wizards
Here are some pictures for your enjoyment!

Also, The ShadowThistle School of Wizardry has a great post! I would check it out!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Celestia fun, Party Times, And Blog Revamp

Hey Wizards!

Playing with my HTML coding skills!

Well so far, I've been having fun trying to balance work and Wizard101! I have been getting a lot of game time.
Celestia is really fun and really annoying all around! Right now I'm working some quests in stormriven. Here is a picture I took of a quest that I think is a typo but I'm working the quest to find out. I have to fight 4 types of monsters and have to defeat 4 of each of them. Such a Pain!!! (P.S. Look at the XP you can win)

There has been some great parties this week as well! First off was Stormy Wiz's party that Icy let him have for being student of the month at his school IRL. I did get 2 pictures. One of me and Icy and another of Cassandra DragonHeart's(no not related) 2 and yes I mean 2 pet ninja pigs!

And last but not lest is The Myth Spent Youth's Party. It was real fun! There was names flying for Friendly for this holiday! There was Santamancer and the one I made up was the Jollymancer! Here is a group picture from the party.

I also placed a Voting App in here on if I should change my blog. Like name, layout, Everything! Vote and let me know by commenting on this post!

Before I go here is a lovely picture of my Baby Carrots singing for all of you!

Have a Fun and Safe Trip Throughout the Spiral! CYA!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Picture and Maybe Subscriber again!

Hey Wizards

Well I shall be joining the Subscriber team again today. Maybe!

I also made a new picture that is Yu-Gi-Oh! based theme that can be found by clicking here.

Well till later wizards.

Have a fun a safe trip throughout the spiral.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

My update and Wish List!

Hey Wizards! Well some of you might now that I'm a free player right now. Just waiting until Christmas to get my $39 gamestop card. Lately I've been farming Lord NightShade just to get some gold and some gear to sell to make some more.

I've won 2 contests lately, one being from the "Master of Wizard101" and the other being The Pet Masters coming back party! Well I've also been thinking what I would like from wizard101 as gifts! Plus, those that do, will get something in return sometime late this month or Janurary! Here is my Wizard101 Wish List! Till later wizards! Cya!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Spooky(mistheart thought)

Well here is a picture I took of an house that has lights on but no one is home. Its next to the ring shop and housing shop!

I got a nice new project, still in the draft area, that I'm work on with The Pet Master and 5 other people. Won't be done for a long time!