Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18+ Open Chat Vid

Here is a vid I made. Check it out!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Layout for now!

Well as the title says, this will be my new layout for now as of the poll that was taken. 

I will be making more changes to it as time goes by and even maybe making my own web page(not getting rid of .blogspot.com and still be hosted on blogger type of deal).
Well Until later wizards.

Have a fun and safe trip throughout the spiral!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hey Wizards!
Well as my last post said, I've been working so far on my Ice Alt named Ronan Spirit! So far, he is now in MarleyBone and is getting ready to get into Hyde Park! Here are some pictures of him in Krokotopia with the Order of the Fang and one of him fighting the Key Master! "Are you the gate keeper?" Sorry couldn't help myself with a little sci-fi humor! 

Anyways, Until later, Cya wizards!

P.s. I'm right now at work and this is being posted! When I'm at work, I'm not at a desk or anything. Kinda hard to type when you have your arms up to your elbows in soap water, filled with chicken fat and other meat department kind of things! That is pretty cool, huh? It was saved by blogger and the server posted this at the time I picked it to be!
Hey wizards!

Sorry about the bland post! Been leveling my Ice Alt most of this week so far! Other then that, there is not much to talk about!

Me and Arlen DawnEyes did 2 runs on Katz lab before I went to bed! Then we did a massive damage on a potbelly monster! The Damage came out to be 377,335! Thats allot but I have seen more damage with a wand strike before the Celestia update! Here is the picture! Cya later wizards!

So Many Blades and Traps!

Hey Wizards!
Well here are the results from the poll I made, to see what about my blog that I change. Below is a tabled list of what won!

Change Name 0 Votes
Change Blog Layout 6 Votes
Change Everything 3 Votes
Stay The Same 2 Votes

Well there you have it! I will be changing the layout of my blog for this new year. As you can see, I have some new buttons on top, as well as a click-able banner to Child's Play web site! I will be adding and taking away more stuff as time progresses.
Well till later wizards.

Have a Fun And Safe Trip Throughout The Spiral

P.S. The Button on the bottom that says COOL TEXT is a button that is linked to cooltext.com. A site where you can make buttons and somewhat of basic banners.