Monday, November 29, 2010

Piggle and bacon!

Hey wizards!

Sorry for being so long from my last post. Its really hard to post about stuff when your no longer a Subscriber for the game.

Well here is a picture I made after the Save The Piggle party. I thought it was pretty cool looking and from what I'm hearing is that Donna SpellThorn is looking for me! TEEHEE!

Till later wizards!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dawn of a Sad Day!

Hey wizards!

First, yesterday was Veteran's Day! *Salutes* It is a sad day. This day is a reminder of those that lost their lives to defend this great country of ours! Second, I'm now a Free Player! Its so sad. I WANNA GET PSYCO!! lol. Third, I did have fun in Celestia while I could. I am level 55 and I'm on the floating Island! This is really hard for a lone sorcerer! I did get some pictures of some neat things.

Here is a picture of Thomas LionBlood A.K.A The Friendly Necromancer, Cassandra GriffinDreamer, and Iridian who was also Thomas. That is the Balance wizard they made.

Here are some stats of a few Amulets that you can now get. They cost a lot of gold. The lowest is the Nova Necklace and that is at lest 20,000 gold. Of course I bought it too!

Here is my buddy Luis. He used a polymorph. He kept showing that his name was Coco. Even after and before he transformed. Reminds me of when Stephen and Leesha did their 24 hour game play. While in the test realm, Stephen's name kept going to Ben! Funny Huh!

Well till later wizards! Cya

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall/Winter Student Teacher Elections Winners!!!

Hey Wizards! Here are your winners for the Fall/Winter Student Teachers!!

Fire-Amber RosePetal

Ice-Wolf WinterStaff

Storm-Thomas DeathGem

Myth-Arlen DawnEyes

Life-Cassandra LifeCaster

Death-Mary DreamShade

Balance-John LifeGlen

I hope you all have a great Double Term!

You can also HEAR the winners at My New Balance Blog On Tumblr

Cya later Wizards!