Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Major bug is what I say.

Now would this be a bug or what? I can't even reach it. I've seen this alot. Once in grizzleheim by the spiral gate, in old town, ect. Let me know if you see stuff like this. Send a picture or email me at shortbus87@comcast.net. Send pictures and where you are at.

Level 38 FINALLY!!

I finally got to level 38 and did a small quest for my spell Spectral Minion. Um.....not very impressed. My Helpful Mander(I named him Tinu) is alot better. Heck the myth wooden puppet is alot better them this. I used it and wasn't very happy. 4 pips and a random minion from fire, ice, or storm comes out. It would be alot better if I could pick the one I want and I would pay 5-7 pips for that. Same goes for Spectral Blast.

Monday, July 27, 2009


I was looking at wizard101.com and I came across this little guy here.--------------------> Is it just me or does this look odd to you? I know its the grown up wizard but, looks more like a kid taking a credit card out of a wallet. Hope no kids get any idels after seeing this post. LoL. (In the background you here-->)No Diapermancer. Yes daddy is a necromancer and your stronger but don't take his magic card that gives you Crowns.

Friday, July 24, 2009

New up and coming blogger.

Well as the title says there wil be a new blogger. I will be managing my little sisters blog, on my account, called Freezing Theurgist. Guess who her favorite blogger is! lol. She is new to the game BUT she loves to blog. So give her support and help her out.

New Beckett Item

Here is the new Beckett code Item. THE UMBRA BLADE! lol. Anywho I will be getting this blade when the mag comes out to my store. I don't know if we can attack with or its just there to look cool. If thats the case I will be very disapointed. That will be a waste of my 2 dollars. I get them for that cheap cuz a friend works at the store I go to and he gets like 5 mags free a month. He sells his to me for 2 bucks.

Level 37

Well last night I became level 37 after defeating the War Oni with a little help from Valerian(from Valerian's school for wayward wizards). I'm happy I got friends from blogger.com with me. I cut out the part where she is saying "Which Way?" What she ment was which way for the picture.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Test Realm open for the weekend.

The test realm is open again for the weekend for crowns players and members only. The onlt thing is its really only for the bazaar. I LOVE the new look and function of the bazaar. So HURRY TO SEE WHATS GOING ON !!!

6 New pets!

Today I found out that cartoon network will be displaying 6 codes for 6 pets. The codes will be able to use on the 18th-20th of this month. The codes will be during the pokemon marathon at Noon central time. I will place the codes on here when I get them. So please check in after the marathon tomarrow for the codes.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I just became level 35 last night. Then a pop up of merle said that to come see him in his office because he had something for me. I was happy as a kid in a candy store BUT there was nothing there. NO ? mark above his head. I became really sad. If anyone knows what this is all about please let me know.

Emergency Maintenance

I was playing in MarleyBone finishing up some of the quests I missed and a pop up said "Servers are going down in 10 minutes for Emergency Maintenance". That is very sad because I'm wide awake and have nothing else to do.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My First Wizard! Well first Myth

This is my Myth wizard Seth Drake and my shardtail dragon. This Wizard is from my First account I made. I also had a necromancer named Keiran DeathBlossom but deleted him because I wanted to change his name but I found out that I couldn't change it.

Whatever you say!

I might get some life wizards who may protest this but I want this really bad. I mean come on, why wouldn't I want lord Nightshade in my front yard.

Sign of an evil wizard god?

About a little over a week ago me and a friend were going up counter weight east so I could finish MarleyBone and get my Blade Storm spell. Well he had some traps on a monster and then he used a heck hound. There were still some fire traps left. When it was the monster's turn the rest of the traps got used and right on the dot, the damage became 666! WOW! He was a necromancer. So did I get ecited for nothing or is there a evil god wizard helping the necromancers? We may never know.

Helping other Wizards!

I was helping a new friend early this morning at about 2 a.m. Yes, I wanted to do my own quests but something told to help this girl name Paige WaterThorn. She needed, or she says, help in Savarstaad in Grizzleheim. So i helped her beat up the boar that capture the bear. Nothing really big. I got an athame called Legend's Blade I think. The thing I will never do is help someone who's name sounds like they hurt, tame, or use any type of dragon. It's just who I and my wizard just are.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Group Picture

This is the picture that Thomas put on his blog. Lets see if you can spot me. My name is Robert Dragon Heart. Sorry if I used this Picture Thomas without asking.

Meet and Greet confusion

Well I found out today that Val from wayward wizards set up her own contest because she didn't know if Thomas LionBlood(The Friendly Necromancer) did his yet. I won her contest, but Thomas picked his winner. Cass LotusFlower won Thomas's contest.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meet and Greet contest.

Well the winner was of the meet and greet contest was.....ME! Thats what Sierra said. I was happy. I got a rebirth card from her. I also got two wild bolts, weakness, and prosison(not spelled right i know) from Val.


The meet and greet was very fun. I met Thomas LionBlood(The Friendly Necromancer), Val from wayward wizards, evil ice wizard(forgot what they call ice wizads). I have a picture with Kyle Skystaff the son of friendly. i'll put it on once i find out how to. lol