Friday, July 22, 2011

Welcome Back Post

Hey Wizards! Yes its me once again. Just letting you know that I am back in the spiral and so far having a great time seeing all the new stuff I can get to. I didn't plan on coming back so soon. It that light, most of my updates like blog will be going on as I go. Podcasts are not yet finished being put together so not anytime soon will you be hearing them. I will be updating my copyrights asap so keep a look on the bottom of my blog to see what is going on. Well until later wizards, CYA!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Updates and New things

Hey wizards. Sorry about the regular text but need to make this brief. Just wanted to let you all know that once I fully return to the spiral I will be making some changes to my blog. I also will be preping two podcasts that I hope everyone will like. I have also updated my copyrights on the bottom of the blog. Please make sure to read them. I want to put more in there but not going so well. lol. Well until I return< have a fun and safe trip throughout the spiral! Cya Later wizards!