Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Grand Master and Test Realm!

 Hey Wizards. Well Just a few days ago I made the Level of 50 which makes me a Grand Master Sorcerer. I got to this point after I finished the quest to turn in 3 spinnerets from some spiders in the crystal grove.

Here are some pictures from the test realm that was kinda making everyone go crazy. Teacher of Myth Cyrus Drake was in the test realm in the pet area. Not only that but.... He is a level 7 Ice student? I think Cyrus is up to something if he can trick the headmaster that he is a higher level. Until later wizards!


  1. Um, hello? That Cryus Drake is an alt player for Professor Greyrose the w101 administrators...

  2. Congrats!

    ...and Malorn, I didn't get that either. It was kinda hard to see with a hundred chatty wizards clumped around him!


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