Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Blog Stuff! and more.

 Hey wizards! I have a few new things coming to this blog. First, the adds you see on my blog is just temporary and will be gone by the 1st of may. Second, Starting On may 1st I will be doing two monthly segments. The are Music Artist of the month (all my fav bands) and wizard of the month! I'll be posting videos and music to my blog here during the month. The first wizard of the month will not be much of a surprise. Wizard of the month will have a small bio of the player that everyone should know (ex: wizard name, blog, etc). Music Artist of the month will be a band or person. This will also have a small bio about the artist/s and the site link.

I also found this great link to Able Gamers. This is a video tour during when the mounts were not even out yet. Plus, if you watch closely you will see a nibbler pet. They must have been working on the pet pavilion for quite some time.

Well wizards, until next time, Have a Safe and Fun trip Throughout the Spiral!

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