Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gambling is the question. What is the answer???

Hey there wizards!

Well I'm talking to you about the new hoard pack that KI has gave use to try and get some new stuff. This new stuff includes a new mount and gear.

Now for the big thing. On twitter, there is a lt of talk saying it is gambling. In a sence it is but in another way it's not. A gamble is where you take a chance on something where you may or may not win anything. This type is in not only games but all of life. So lets say I can could into this area full of stores to get my w101 gift card or cross the street to a store that always has it but have to cross massive traffic to get there. Thats a gamble. You may pick the wrong one and end up getting hurt.

Now, Gambling (ie. Going to a casino) is where you decide to continue to take a chances. Going and spending your money over and over just to try to win. You may or may not win but you will hurt yourself in the long run. It's really easy to that both are very much the same but it's harder to see the difference between them.

The differences are that a gamble are more then likely stuff that will happen as soon as you make your pick. Gambling is something that will have a great impact on your life unless you know when to hold them and when to fold them(yes, I used a gambling term lol).

Just make sure that you know what all the problems that may occure before doing something.

So them new card packs may seem awesome, but make sure you can buy them and don't waste your money trying to get all the stuff.

So, as for that, it is up to you.

Well, Have A Fun And Safe Trip Throughout The Spiral Wizards!


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  1. Gambling is simply taking risk. You risk your money for the chance of making it bigger. However, you have to know that gambling has a risk that can put you into debt.

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