Friday, October 7, 2011

New updates from the Disturbed Sorcerer....and that blasted rogue....

 Hey there Wizards!

This is the disturbed sorcerer giving you some incite on whats going to happen when Rogue and I get back into the gaming sphere.

We will be scratching out the podcasts (both w101 based. one being info and other being like a mature RR style). We will going on to "MAKE" our own site. The site will be outfitted with the podcasts we had originally had planned. It will also feature a "Ask a Question" page for you all as well as a few other tasty tid-bits for ya.

The site will have its own area for Wizard101 and the other online game I play League of Legends. I will be doing some stuff on gaming from Ps3 back to the atari. Yeah I know, Old school FTW!

I hope you all enjoyed this post as we will be doing a lot more in the time to come. We will be doing coding and all that to get it to what we like and then update it all. We are going to use a similar java type page like our buddies from W101 Pets if they have no problem with it. 

Have a very disturbed day and spread the sickness to all around the spiral! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.....HEY ITS MINE TUA:FSAJHFS...

Thanks for hanging in there with me folks. Yes its Rogue!
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Have A Fun And Safe Trip Throughout The Spiral Wizards!

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