Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fun leveling up and my update guess's.

Hey Wizards. First, I've been in DragonSpyre trying to get to level 48 to get my Super Nova Spell that is still some time away. I Got past Mavra Flamevell the defense master. Them pox monsters were very hard. I had help finishing them off with the help of Bailey GhostRider and Edward DragonTamer. I then had to fight the gurtok demon and the earth elemental. Both fell with the help from Courtney TrollHunter.

Now, As we all know something is coming to the spiral soon that is revolving around our pets. The picture KingsIsle has posted with the olympic style look with a piggle, mander, and a crab/lobster on them with medals. My bet is that that is the way they are going to put up the new updates starting with our pets, something revolving around with Krokotopia, and then the long awaited Celestia. So now we must wait to see what is going to happen. Good luck and have a safe trip though the spiral wizards.

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